Yogasomatics & Me @ Karma Studio West Wickham

 Starting on September 15th, 2015

every Tuesday  12.30 – 13.30

Cost: One off £10 or £36.00 for 4 consecutive sessions.

Booking is recommended


What is YogaSomatics?

Definition of Yoga and Somatics

‘Yoga’ = union, binding or bringing together mind and body.

Somatics’ from the Greek word ‘soma’ = the living body; experiencing or seeing oneself from within.*1)

Both aim to allow body and mind to function as one.

What to expect

Whether you are a practitioner of Yoga or Pilates understanding how your body works from within will be beneficial to you and make your practice even better.

We develop habits, which become automatic in time and we are seldom aware of them. These habits, useful or not, can be improved by re-creating new neural pathways.

How is that done in a class?

Working with your breath and contracting individual muscles or muscle groups on an In-breath and releasing completely on an Out-breath, we can set new patterns and habits. Over time this way of engaging with the body will improve posture, helps to alleviate muscle discomfort and create new and more helpful patterns.