11 comments on “Testimonials
  1. Sonja Ellis, Dunton Green, Kent says:

    Sabine’s Yoga sessions have introduced me to an invaluable skill which I can take with me wherever I go. It is relaxed and friendly and always makes me feel good.

    Thank you Sabine, Thank you Yoga!

  2. Diana B. Dunton Green says:

    I feel that the yoga sessions are making me more flexible – which is important once you are in your older years, and also is helping to make my damaged lower back move flexibly and less painful.

    Also classes are fun to do.

  3. Diane Ednie, Dunton Green, Kent says:

    I very much enjoy yoga and benefit from it – Sabine makes the sessions challenging and pleasurable.

  4. Jane Wiching, Dunton Green Kent says:

    I thoroughly enjoy the sessions. I find them challenging and can really feel my body responding in areas of stiffness and loss of mobility due to increasing age. My lower back which has always been a problem feels more mobile and less painful. I need to do more at home and would welcome some written pointers with diagrams, although nothing could replace the classes. They do really help. Thank You.

  5. Ruth Bailey, Shoreham, Kent says:

    Sabine is very pleasant lady, who makes our yoga sessions enjoyable and fun. This beneficial exercise is something to look forward to which is why I have seldom missed a session. I would recommend this to any mature person especially those in their 80’s like me!

  6. Ann, Shoreham Kent says:

    Keep fit the Happy Way with an excellent tutor and good friends!

  7. Lyn Bizley, Bromley, Kent says:

    Sue’s class remains the best I have attended in 20 years of yoga. It is varied, sufficiently challenging and, most importantly, I never feel that I am asked to do anything unsafe. Long may it continue.

    Sue is currently teaching at Virgin Active in Bromley

  8. Kathleen Alford, Hartley, Kent says:

    Enjoyed the gentle exercises which I thought I was now incapable of. Relaxation ends the sessions perfectly – all conducted in a friendly, happy atmosphere.

  9. Sheila Palmer, Hartley, Kent says:

    Gentle, but effective exercises, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Brillant and highly recommended.

  10. S.L Russell, Kent says:

    I think Sabine is a very clear teacher and a joy to come to her yoga classes.

  11. Alison, Dunton Green, Kent says:

    Sabine’s classes are a cut above the usual. The routines are carefully planned and include lots of breathing exercises which I find hugely beneficial. Before attending Sabina’s class I was suffering some stress-related health problems – I felt the benefits after the first class – and her yoga class is now a must for me.

    Thank you Sabine – you are really appreciated

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