Ahimsa Yoga and Somatics with Sabine

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????AHIMSA =  KINDNESS – CONSIDERATION AND COMPASSIONTHis 

AHIMSA is also one of the foundation stones of Yoga. When we practice Yoga first and foremost we are kind, considerate and compassionate to ourselves and to our fellow human beings. 

When we practice Yoga we look at the foundation of how our body works best for us and that is where SOMATICS fits in.  It provides us with the know-how to develop our understanding of how our joints and muscles work, so we can enjoy yoga postures in all their variety. Beginners and experiences yogis all benefit from that approach.

Asanas ( Yoga Postures) together with yogic breathing practices increase strength, flexibility and stamina to our body and calm and stillness to our mind.

My classes are based in New Church Centre West Wickham, Karma Studios West Wickham and Badgers’ Mount Memorial Hall, Badgers Mount.

To book please contact me on either

email: sabine@yoga4healthyliving.co.uk   – Mobile: 07900 915134